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Harnessing AI for Audiovisual Content Authentication

In today’s digital age, the authenticity of media content is of paramount importance. With the proliferation of easy-to-use editing tools, the manipulation of multimedia assets, such as images, audio, and video, has become increasingly prevalent. This raises concerns about the credibility of the information being disseminated, especially in the realm […]


Tackling Online Hate: Detecting Racist and Xenophobic Speech

In today’s digital age, the rapid and uncontrolled spread of hate speech on online platforms is a growing concern. The internet, especially social media, has become a breeding ground for such harmful content, which not only affects individuals but also has broader societal implications. A recent study titled “How to […]


Multimodal AI: Audio-Driven Speaker Diarization

In the realm of multimedia content, the ability to accurately identify and segment different speakers is crucial. Our very own Lazaros Vrysis, in collaboration with esteemed researchers, has recently co-authored a paper that delves into a novel approach for speaker diarization, specifically tailored for TV news content. The Core of […]