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SoundMaster RTA on App Store

A professional Real Time Analyzer has finally arrived on the App Store! SoundMaster features a cutting-edge audio signal processor, delivering accurate spectral analyses.

rta-58-1 rta-58-2 rta-58-3 rta-58-4

• Overview
- SoundMaster aims at delivering the most robust sound level measurement readings on the App Store
- Audio data is captured directly from input buffers, ensuring a robust and responsive measurement output
- Features state-of-the-art algorithmic implementations, ensuring high-accuracy readings
- UI is polished to perfection, delivering professional-grade user experience
- Comes pre-calibrated using reference equipment

• Main Features
- Professional sound level measurement capabilities
- Advanced calibration and equalization support
- Extended measurements management

• Under the hood
- 44.1kHz/32bit raw audio recording
- 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response
- 90dB dynamic range, from 25dB to 115dB SPL[A]

- ±1.4dB accuracy @25dB-115dB SPL[A]

- Low latency and processing-loss spectral analyzer
- Audio I/O latencies monitoring and compensation

• Noise Measurements
- Digital VU and numeric visualizations
- Broadband RMS, Peak, Max, Min, Leq and measurement duration data handling
- Octave-based RMS, Leq, Max, Min data handling
- Impulsive, Fast and Slow response modes
- A, B, C, D, Z weighting filters

• Advanced Calibration
- Calibrated and equalized for each iPhone model
- Calibrated for the MicW i436, as an external input source
- Calibration data is OTA (Over the Air) updated
- Additional user calibration and equalization banks for both embedded microphone and external input source facilities
- Custom octave-based gain adjustment support

• Session Management
- Frame-based time-series of measurement data handling
- Overall statistics calculation for noise measurements
- Photo capture capability
- Time and geolocation awareness support
- Title, location and comments metadata support
- Audio recording (CAF format), measurement data (CSV format) and metadata export capabilities

• Additional Capabilities
- Option for keeping the device awake during recording
- Option for auto-stopping measurements after a pre-configured duration
- Background recording capability
- Upside down orientation support

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