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SoundMaster ISA: A New Era of Intelligent Audio Analysis

We’re thrilled to speak about SoundMaster ISA, our mobile application that revolutionizes the way we perceive audio measurements. Designed with intelligence and efficiency in mind, SoundMaster ISA brings semantic audio monitoring to your iPhone, opening up a whole new spectrum of sound analysis.

Redefining Audio Analysis

SoundMaster ISA stands apart by introducing long-term audio analysis capabilities based on semantic audio processing concepts. It offers real-time audio pattern recognition, which results in a visual event detection markup timeline. This cutting-edge application employs a dynamic audio-samples database, which users can configure as a pattern-storing matrix. Its built-in audio semantic engine is capable of detecting audio events and patterns, marking a breakthrough in audio analysis technology.

Standout Features

SoundMaster ISA is equipped with state-of-the-art implementations for audio feature extraction, temporal feature integration, and pattern classification algorithms. Its user interface is seamlessly designed for professional-grade user experience and has been calibrated using reference equipment. With SoundMaster ISA, users can expect intelligent long-term audio monitoring, octave-based RT60 measurements, octave-based audio analysis, and professional sound level metering, among other advanced features.

Under the Hood

At the core of SoundMaster ISA lies a 44.1kHz/32bit raw audio recording capability with a frequency response range from 20Hz to 20kHz. It boasts a dynamic range of 90dB, from 25dB to 115dB SPL[A], and maintains an impressive accuracy of ±1.4dB at 25dB-115dB SPL[A].

The Power of Audio Semantic Analysis

With SoundMaster ISA, users have the option to capture new audio samples and build a custom audio pattern library. Users can choose a subset of all available patterns for each measurement, providing unprecedented flexibility and accuracy. The application offers an audio event detection sensitivity adjustment and audio pattern matching sensitivity adjustment, enhancing the accuracy of the analysis.

Advanced Calibration and Session Management

Each iPhone model is individually calibrated and equalized for optimal performance. With additional user calibration and equalization banks for both embedded microphone and external input source facilities, SoundMaster ISA provides an unparalleled level of audio analysis accuracy. Moreover, our session management system allows for a frame-based time-series of measurement data handling, event detection timeline annotation for long-term monitoring, and various export capabilities.

In Conclusion

The launch of SoundMaster ISA represents a significant milestone in the audio analysis field. By fusing professional-grade features with a user-friendly interface, SoundMaster ISA is setting a new standard for intelligent audio analysis.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on our latest projects and insights into the world of audio and game development. Happy audio analyzing!


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