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Puji’s Shootout for Mac

The bottom of the ocean is in trouble! Fish are trapped into bubbles. Who can save them?


“This is a great game the whole family will enjoy! Save the fish and watch out for bubbles because they mean trouble!” –

“If you have an iPhone and the kids get hold of this app, you will probably never get it back. Well until it’s time for candy.” –

“Puji’s Shootout is an enjoyable, relaxing game for the whole family.” –

“ Featured App!”


Puji’s Shootout presents the adventures of Puji, the starfish, who has decided to pop these evil bubbles and set the fish free! In order to complete his mission, Puji must face the evil bosses of the sea and their minions. Puji’s journey is very long, since there are many sea worlds in danger! Can you help him?

In order to pop the bubbles, you can use the variety of weapons that Puji has but also try to avoid touching the bubbles and the evil minions, who will be in your way.

You will be amazed by the cute graphics, addictive game-play and the exceptional polishing of the game.

• Over 100 levels
• 5 unique designed sea worlds
• One evil boss and variety of minions for each world