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iSouvlaki – The Culinary Challenge

iSouvlaki, a tantalizing treat of a game, allows users to wear the apron of a Greek fast food joint owner, serving delectable “Gyros”, “Souvlaki”, and “Pita” to a global clientele. No wonder it held its place as the top paid application in the Greek App Store for a whopping 5 months!

The Essence of Greek Flavours

Greek cuisine is celebrated for its rich and hearty flavors, and iSouvlaki masterfully captures its essence. With authentic backgrounds, sounds, and traditional music, the game transports players to a lively Greek fast food joint.

Not Just Another Food Game

While many cooking and restaurant simulation games revolve around visuals, iSouvlaki ups the ante with its emphasis on auditory skills. Players must be all ears, literally, as they process verbal orders from a diverse range of 24 voice characters. With over 200 unique orders, the game promises an immersive experience that’s not just about making the right Gyros but also about ensuring customer satisfaction.

Multiple Game Modes, Infinite Fun

Whether you are in for a complete restaurant owning experience via the Scenario mode, a Quick Game to fill your spare moments, or a competitive 1vs1 challenge with friends, iSouvlaki has got you covered. And with three distinct difficulty levels, both novices and pros can find their sweet (or savory) spot.

Compete Globally, Master Locally

Every Gyros you create can propel you higher on the global leaderboard. Online scoreboards and Game Center support allow you to showcase your skills to the world, making the experience all the more rewarding.

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

For those new to the world of Greek fast food or those seeking to hone their skills, iSouvlaki comes packed with an integrated user’s guide. Furthermore, the dedicated iSouvlaki website offers extended guidance, ensuring players are never lost in the hustle and bustle of their fast food venture.

In Conclusion

iSouvlaki, developed by Playcompass Entertainment, perfectly marries the charm of Greek cuisine with engaging gameplay. It’s not just about food; it’s about the pride in making the perfect Souvlaki and delivering unmatched satisfaction to your customers. So, are you ready to take the culinary challenge?

Playcompass Entertainment stands as the premier mobile video games developer in Greece. With a portfolio boasting over 50 applications and games tailored for platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, PC, and Xbox, our reach extends beyond gaming.