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SoundMaster RTA on App Store

A professional Real Time Analyzer has finally arrived on the App Store! SoundMaster features a cutting-edge audio signal processor, delivering accurate spectral analyses.


SoundMaster SLM for iPhone

A professional Sound Level Meter has finally arrived on the App Store! Once you launch SoundMaster SLM and view the console logs, you will feel the quality of this app.


MacBook & Connectivity

I was thinking how to support my opinion regarding the poor connectivity of the modern laptops, especially focusing on the MacBook Pro lineup, which is considered as the professional series of Apple laptops. No further commenting here, I think I am clear enough…


And What About Metro?

And what about Metro (sorry… Modern) design? No more Metro, I suspect… It was a complete disaster and nobody had the strength to admit this failure. I do not blame the guys from Microsoft; it makes a lot of sense to support your own product. Ι put the blame on […]


Advancements in Motion Estimation: Precision Meets Computer Vision

At Playcompass Entertainment, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our team is always eager to explore and integrate the latest research findings into our projects. Today, we’re excited to discuss a recent scientific article that delves deep into the realm of computer vision, specifically focusing […]



The task of general audio detection and segmentation based in means of machine learning is a high-demanding procedure nowadays. Relevant works in the last decade aim at modeling audio in order to conduct a semantics analysis and a high-level categorization. A generic strategy that would detect audio events as means […]


Decoding Environmental Sounds with Machine Learning

We’re back with another exciting piece of research that aligns perfectly with our passion for machine listening. Today, we’re diving into a scientific article titled “Machine Learning Algorithms for Environmental Sound Recognition: Towards Soundscape Semantics.” Authored by Vasileios Bountourakis, Lazaros Vrysis, and George Papanikolaou, this study offers a fresh perspective […]


Sugar Roll Video Review!

We want to thank TouchGamePlay for their amazing video review! Thanks guys! It’s very thorough and detailed.


Sugar Roll Released

Sugar Roll is the must-have platform game that has been missing from every iPhone! Enter an amazing adventure as you try to escape from Sugar Island, a legendary realm ruled by cunning animals. Try to avoid being captured as you face cute but vicious monkeys, oddly agile hedgehogs, juggling tigers, […]

Freemium Monetizing

Every game designer who enters the world of Freemium games is bombarded by tons of new jargon! ARPPU, CR, DAU, MAU… and it goes on and on! Some efforts to get a grip of these terms end before they are even born. It is really obvious now that freemium apps […]

Digital currency concept vector illustration.

Kiss or Miss – Tiffany

Two new characters are revealed in Playcompass’ new interactive video series Kiss or Miss. Tiffany is the dance class instructor you always wanted to date. She is flexible, ever smiling and ultra hot! However, now you have actually managed to get a date with her! You have to be really […]


Kiss or Miss

The revolution in interactive Television is now imminent. Kiss or Miss is the dating video game that has been missing from every tablet! Kiss or Miss combines video games and interactive television and offers an innovative and unique way of watching and participating in a series of hilarious dating events, […]


Indroducing iSMARTer

iSMARTer is a mobile app that provides a suite of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis tools for smartphones and tablets. The app offers sound level monitoring, real-time time-frequency analysis, reverberation time and impulse response measurements, whereas feature-based intelligent content analysis is deployed in terms of long-term audio events detection and […]


Spook Boy – Can You Keep the Shadows at Bay?

In the hushed depths of night, when every soul is asleep, what if you were the only sentinel standing between the familiar world and a chilling realm of phantoms? This is precisely the spine-tingling premise of “Spook Boy: Monsters, Ghouls, and Ghosts”. An Eerie Awakening Our story begins with an […]


Me Red – A Run Like No Other

Endless runners have always resonated with gamers, providing the thrill of the chase combined with the urgency of survival. Venturing into this exhilarating domain with vibrant dynamism is “Me Red: The Ultimate Adventure.” With an accolade of being the top app in 30 stores and boasting an enviable average rating […]


Happy Planet – Gaming with a Green Purpose

In an age where smartphones and gaming devices are omnipresent, the potential to use these platforms for educational purposes has never been greater. Entering this domain with a vibrant, eco-friendly mission is “Happy Planet – Environmental Education Game.” As a game that’s been spotlighted by, it’s clear that it’s […]


iSouvlaki – The Culinary Challenge

iSouvlaki, a tantalizing treat of a game, allows users to wear the apron of a Greek fast food joint owner, serving delectable “Gyros”, “Souvlaki”, and “Pita” to a global clientele. No wonder it held its place as the top paid application in the Greek App Store for a whopping 5 […]


Football Masters Quiz – Are You the Ultimate Football Fan?

Football is not just a game. For many, it’s a religion, a way of life. From memorable moments to legendary players, every football enthusiast boasts of their knowledge of the sport. But how many can truly claim to be the master? Introducing “Football Masters Quiz” – the litmus test for […]